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Cory Otterstrom
Photographer | Videographer 

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My Story

Growing up an artist and a skateboarder, Cory Otterstrom has always had a passion for content curation and expressing his creative side with his friends. After graduating high school, he decided to pursue this passion and attend Scottsdale Community College where he is working towards an Associate’s of Applied Science degree in Film and Multimedia Production with a focus in Cinematography. He currently collaborates with Dementia Care Education creating educational content, working on editing and updating their podcast, as well as increasing their customer reach and production value.


Cory shoots with a Sony a7iii, and loves to do a wide variety of projects, including social media content curation, short films, and stylized photo shoots. He currently works with content creators and small business owners to curate personalized and stylized content in order to boost online traffic, promote their business, and reach a broader audience. He has both studio and film production experience, and is proficient in all Adobe editing software, including Premiere Pro, After Effects, Lightroom, and Photoshop.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


Parallel Lines

Aaron Steiner | How 2 Media

"Cory proved to be an excellent resource on our shoot in Phoenix. He was good-humored, quick to accomplish any task I gave him, he produced some helpful ideas, and he kept me reminded of the shot checklist so that I could focus on talent. He seems to have a strong background in camera work, and I would hire him again."

Brian Browne | Cognitive Care Management

Cory has been a great addition assisting Dementia Care Education with all our video and photography needs. Cory is a creative talent with a special skill of seeing and understanding the big picture of every project. Cory has a great eye for creativity and is a good communicator before, during and after each project.  Cory has been an asset producing and editing beautiful images and videos helping us advance the mission and vision of our company.

Logan Figueroa | Actor

Cory has the capacity to manage, problem solve and develop quality work regardless of the task at hand big or small. 10/10 would recommend to any individual! 

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